Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Love the world and it will smile at you.

(Thoughts at the time of inspiration in brackets)

IPod in ears, glass of white wine in left hand. Cigarettes. Writing about nothing particular and nothing particular at all.

Life – a thing: .pe·cu·liar thing. Strange - particular - odd - special - singular – weird.

Not much to explain actually. But what a beautiful thing.

( As I change the music, not feeling the vibe )

Something special happened this week (as I try to challenge myself not to tell the particular story, but put it into some obscure story which one may feel they can translate into a meaning of their own)

(I just found my new favorite song – I’m not one for organization its called Zumbuca on my iTunes, I bought 4 MP3’s from coolest Thai lady at a random bar in Thailand, sometimes when I write, I listen to music from around the world, travelers, jokers, story tellers. From tourists, sharing each other’s journeys, we need to share more journeys)

This week I have been around people who have felt lost, felt alone, inspired me, believed in me and most of all they have all given me something to smile at the world about)

(As I light a joint – actually a cigarette but that would have been way more entertaining in my roommates flat, by the way this is forbidden)

Any way back to the story. If you smile , the world will smile at you. I could write a thesis but that would piss YOU off, who want to spend 5 minutes out of 24 hours that is meant to be for YOU reading about someone ME?

(Music begins…. what sounds like monkeys and tribal leaders singers in the background – hey I could be in India)

This week someone did something very special with us, a young man not much older than myself (don’t know how to phrase next sentence) did something that was completely selfless… followed his journey and gave willingly, selflessly and helped myself and 2 special individuals grow exponentially. Not in a monetary value but created a sense of (How did I feel?) (GREAT TRACK hi-fi trumpet 4:06 stereo action unlimited cafe del mar - best of chill out & Sunset music from Ibiza vol 11Lo-Fi ) Basically he made us smile.

To give selflessly is a very hard thing, yet so simple. Someone gave us something this week that was so selfless, so beautiful, so kind, so willing (These sound like words you here in a perfect world or maybe in the Bible) and it taught us to carry on pushing on, carry on smiling on and carry on inspiring … If you do the world will smile at you.

Today, so something selfless, do something that makes someone else believe the world is smiling at him or her.

Thank you for making us smile at the world. Love The World and the world will smile at you.

You know who you are.

That’s all…

(Plays Inspiring Track again, ready to share with the world)

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