Monday, March 28, 2011


Be who YOU want to be, do what makes you smile.

The best person to know yourself is YOU. The world is getting more and more competitive and sometimes we find ourselves stuck in a rut, a whirlwind that just seems to be taking us further and further away from who you want to be.

The only person who can change that it is YOU. This is just a post to say…it’s about time you get out there, Spread your wings and FLY. Sometimes you look at an individual and ask yourself how is it that they do what they do, people you aspire to.

I know so many people who have so many talents; they could be Hero’s, Millionaires, people who change the world, people who are smiling because they are doing what they love.

I had two options when I finished my degree, go work for a corporate and just become a number or take it upon myself to become ME and remember it’s a journey, so enjoy it.

Even though I may have just less than R200 in my bank account at the moment, I don’t look at it as a bad thing, it has brought me back to reality and made me become more aware, you cannot measure yourself and your capabilities by the amount of money you make.

So, I am on my own journey and want to inspire people to start theirs.

A few things I have learnt along my journey NEVER turn down an invitation to anything, even if you don’t feel up to it, make the effort, get dressed up and get involved. The best connections I have made are at parties I didn’t want to attend. That random in the corner could be your next business partner, you could meet someone who gives you an IDEA, an idea or a thought could be the beginning of your journey.

Networking is so important and people don’t realise the value it could add to your life. My advice, Make friends, not enemies. Make connections; exchange business cards (when you do this, take note of the persons card, some of the most successful business men and women do this by taking the card in both hands, read the card, feel the card, let the person you have just met know you take them seriously) The smallest gestures towards people make a huge difference.

Make REAL friends, yes we all have friends on face book- a place where we can portray any image of ourselves that we want. I was friends with Roxy Burger (SURVIVOR SA Contest) on face book, last week Wednesday I saw her at an event and even though I was unsure weather to go up and say hello, I did it and expanded my contacts by just a simple hello, she is one of the most down to earth individuals who I believe is only to climb higher and achieve everything she wants to.

I salute the individuals who have turned themselves into successful brands, you must all remember that the future is social networking and those individuals who get it right are only going forward.

And never be a hater, stop criticising others, be the person who supports others, one day you may need their support. Be the positive person your world needs.

There are also people you will meet who can be rude, arrogant and obnoxious my advice to you regarding these people, you do not need them in your life nor do you need their negative energy, so if they don’t have time for you, don’t make time for them

I know some may say it’s easier said than done, but to me it is all a state of mind. Create the image you want of yourself in your mind and make it become a reality.

I was 10 KG’s over weight and I made a decision that I was going to lose the weight and become the person I wanted to be, it took me a year of dedication and long hard work, but I did it and I work at it everyday to maintain it.

Today’s the day I urge you to start your journey, if you are stuck in a job that you hate and doesn’t make you smile, start looking for something else. If you are an entrepreneur at heart, take the jump and put everything you own into it, heart and mind you may not be successful but that doesn’t mean you didn’t try, its important to try and never look at it as failing, learn from it. I have made many mistakes in business, but it only makes me a better businesswomen.

Be your own inspiration, become someone else’s. Inspire yourself, wake up tomorrow and pack your gym bag. Pick up the phone and phone that person you were meant to call 3 weeks ago to make contact. Book that dance class, go to that audition. GET YOURSELF OUT THERE, smile at the world.

Even when you feel like you try so hard and nothing is going your way, NEVER give up, and keep trying. When the time is right the universe will smile upon you.

So for today…JUST SMILE and begin your journey and remember you are where you are for a reason and when you are meant to get to where you are going, it will happen. IT IS A JOURNEY.

Begin yours….