Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Sneaky little trip to the Mother City

One of my favorite places for a little weekend retreat must definitely be the most beautiful city in the world, Cape Town. Seeing as though I went to boarding school and most of my friends went off to study in Cape Town I consider myself extremely lucky, as I always have a home away from home.So off I went on a little adventure, me and my tog bag packed with clothes that would get me through the next 5 days, like a little homeless tortoise, no plans, just adventure and a little bit of mischief. 

My weekend started in the High Cape, a world on its own.With perfectly manicured gardens, and a view over the entire city. It was Thursday evening and whilst deciding what my friend Nkuli and I should do, my concerns were that I needed " a bottle of red wine, curry and a fire" so we decided to hit Kloof Nek road and found exactly what I was looking for. ASOUKA- great atmosphere, sensual vibe, average service, however our waitress had just moved to South Africa from Chili and was working to earn some extra cash before traveling Africa.Thats whats so beautiful about our country, so many interesting and diverse people to meet.

After two rather pricey bottles of red wine, bear in mind that we are still students we were invited to join a table of elder acquaintances, sipping on rather pricey bottle of Veuve Clique 
(my utmost favorite champagne). As I love to meet new people my immediate answer was yes, after we took a visit to the bathroom, where we met a well dressed, friendly BEE character, smoother than black cat peanut butter.We all joined the table, where one of the men sitting at the table presumtiously spoke out to our new friend asking him " If he was a rascist?" After seeing our reaction, he quickly responded by saying " I cannot ask that question!" Nkuli responded by saying " and why not? Because you feel it is a rascist question?" Being 20 years younger than our new friends, an immediate debate broke out about rascism, apartheid and the younger generation.Nkuli and I with our great debate skills did not give up without a fight, our BEE friend stood up and kindly asked the table if he could speak, before given the chance the women around the table turned around and made rude remarks and comments, totally ostracising our new friend.In utter disappointment and anger Nkuli and I took a stand speaking from a point of view from the younger generation, trying to change the perspectives of our elder generation.

The owner of the restaurant asked us to lower our voices, which of course being respectful customers we did so immediately. There was only our table and another table with 3 customers next to us. After deciding that our new racist friends will never agree or see our point of view, we decided to leave. As we stood up, the owner came up to us and said that we had to " Get Out" of his restaurant as our topic of conversation was making his other customers feel uncomfortable. To make a bigger scene he asked the bouncer to escort us out, who then grabbed the drink out of Nkulis hand and pursued to "escort" us out of the restaurant in a rude and forceful manner.

This is South Africa, how can one expect people not to talk about the problems we face. I really feel that the older generation need to open their hearts and their minds so there can be some enlightenment within our country, how else are we going to move forward and grow if no one is willing to speak up or listen? We need to start talking, instead of pushing our problems under the table.

There is alot going on in our country and with all the political debate the youth have started to get move involved with politics. Politics has become exciting and the youth have started to form opinions, Its alive and kicking and we should be given the opportunity to be heard.

Friday night was dinner at PANCHOS in Observatory for Courtenays Birthday, a little Mexican restaurant with two sittings, 6pm and 8pm. It is extremely popular and bookings must be made.It is essential to drink frozen Margaritas which come in gigantic jugs and luminous in colour, which I must warn you as good as they taste, they have a sneaky little bite and before you know it you could be stripping off your friends clothes in the middle of the restaurant.Another must is the Chilli Popas, a huge Jabenero chilli, stuffed with cheese, and deep fried in a batter. Absolutely delicious and if its your birthday you get to wear a bright coloured sombrero just for laughs and of course to get into the vibe.

Next stop was a club called ASSEMBLY, now whilst I spend my life in heels in Johannesburg and love to take time out in CT, sneakers, a FINGER peak cap and vest was a must as I had heard that this was an "underground" club, however to my dismay, the commercial TIGER TIGER crowd have found a sudden interest in electro and minimal music, as was obvious when I saw girls dressed in tiny minnies and Lady Gaga heels lining up at the door.The Line up for the night were THE CYBER PUNKERS From Italy, who DJ whilst wearing Paint Ball masks, they captured the crowd the second the beat kicked in with boys and girls jumping wildly, in amongst the sweaty people, speakers blasting, floor shaking, it was incredibly sexy. They were absolutely mind blowing to say the least and are definitely an act you must be sure to catch next time they are in SA.

When the music stopped at 4am and all I wanted to do was carry on, I tried to persaude the minions to head to the BRONX, after this idea was wavered, we headed to a digs called THE MILL. And the crazy madness went on, Cape Town is such a small place and you never know who may walk in the door, seeing some old school friends I hadn't seen in years. Time had come for us to head home, well not home cause I didn't exactly have any plans, or home for that matter. Romenoff aka Romey my sexylicious, blonde belter of a friend headed off to the next digs, where I witnesed the most insanely tranquil, euphoric sunset I had ever seen. And that is when it hit me " THIS IS WHY I LOVE THIS CITY" sitting on a roof top on the outskirts of the inner city at 9:30 in the morning. It was a sight not even a picture could explain.

Of course the weekend would not be the same without a little visit to the one and only CAPRICE, with the sexiest bartenders and best cocktails. It is definitely where all the beautiful people hang out and if there is one thing I am an appreciator of it is beauty and one thing is for sure, Cape Town is full of beautiful people, who know it and love to flaunt it and if you ask me what is wrong with that..the answer is simple....Nothing!!!

Cape Town has everything a student could want...Great nights spots, fabulous music, there is something to do every night of the week, culture, gorgeous people, great restaurants where you can eat good wholesome meals for cheap, ARNOLDS on Kloof Road, for a R9.50 breakfast, bear in mind this deal happens for 15 minutes. 

It was the perfect weekend retreat, where one is suppose to come back revitalised and refreshed. I came back with no voice, a sprained ankle and only about 9 hours of sleep.

Driving down De Waal drive, sun beating down on my face, the ocean infront of me, tunes pumping in the background....Cape Town is ALIVE!!! I fall inlove with the city every time I go there. Thanks for the perfect sneaky little weekend CAPE TOWN - YOU MAKE MY HEART SING!!

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